Háíla Dr. Andy Nez?

Yá'át'ééh relatives!

As a longtime residence of Rabbitbrush (north of Fort Defiance), I grew up alongside my maternal grandmother's teachings. She epitomized and instilled into me the values of k'é and building community. #K'émmunity is a concept that shaped me at a very early age. To me, this concept embodies our contribution to community through values of k'é. As we persist with appreciating, building, and improving the state of our communities, k'é is a fundamental foundation that should perpetuate our mission to remain committed to keeping our communities flourishing. I am committed to working with you all as we plant seeds throughout our communities - that we all can continue to nourish into fruition...and ultimately, our product becomes more seeds that eventually lead to a field and cycle that preserves activity, longevity, and reciprocity.

I am a proud alum to Navajo Pine High School in Navajo, NM. Following my graduation, I pursued higher education to obtain additional tools necessary to give back to our Diné communities. In addition to my Diné upbringing and foundation, I possess a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New Mexico in Native American Studies (focus: Building Native Nations) and minored in Navajo Language and Linguistics. I also achieved a Masters in Education (focus: Curriculum and Instruction within Career and Technical education from NAU. And in 2021, I successfully defended my dissertation and earned my educational doctorate in Educational Leadership - Organizational Development from GCU.

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